Jim Parker
CEO/Founder/Head Agent

Jim began his career as an actor at a young age before moving into talent management in 2010. He founded 34 Talent Group (Then '34 Management') and has seen it grow from his living room office to a busy office in London dealing with the worldwide industry. Jim is very proud to represent an elite list of clients and works closely with them to ensure their success.  

Amy Louise
Senior Agent 

Amy began her career as an actress before finding a job as an agent's assistant for 3 years. After gaining several contacts and extensive knowledge of the industry, she joined us at 34 as an assistant in 2014 before progressing to the role of a fully fledged agent in 2016. Amy is a great communicator and a huge investor in people. Amy is a fan of small/emerging theatre.

Maria Sheherlis

Maria was previously a TV producer and a casting co-ordinator with Slick Casting. Maria has bought her extensive knowledge here to 34

Matt Long

Matt began his career as an actor, producer and writer before working as an assistant for 3 years at 34. He is now an agent with his own roster of fabulous clients. Matt holds a degree in Musical Theatre.


Simon Bone

Simon joined 34 in May 2018 after 4 years as an agents assistant. Simon brings a wealth of knowledge to 34 and specialises in commercial and V.O.


Thao Dinh
Head Agent - Kidz

Thao began her career as an actress, she appeared in several commercials and short films. Thao has been a 'stage school Mum' for several years and joined 34 in 2017 as the head of our 'Kidz' division. Thao has bought her experience of licensing, rates and working hours for kids to 34 and has a real rapport with parents/guardians and their little stars.



David Jones

We can't lie, we don't like numbers and maths, so we invented David who kindly does our accounts for us and handles invoicing, payments and all the other boring paperwork/accounting stuff. David started as an actor before realising that excel and quickbooks are far more interesting then Shakespeare.